Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WRITING EXERCISE: Angelina Jolie Short Story

Found HERE!

Option Two: A creative story based from the view point of one of your favorite celebritys.(This does not just apply to actors,it can be a celebrity author,athlete,dr...whatever you like) 


Short Story:  A day in the life of Angelina with her Family.

A fit of screams drowned the summer mansion they had just rented out in Vancouver, Angelina threw a pillow over her head already feeling the pounding headache that she was sure to have by the end of that day. Only 6 a.m, and the chaos had already begun.

Maddox ran into her bedroom holding one of Brad's lighters and igniting it on and off. In horror she jumped out of bed. "What are you doing with that?"
The young boy shrugged nonchalantly. "Pax had it. So I took it." Continuing to ignite the flames he walked over to Brad who was sleeping soundly under the many covers. 
Hoping for god-sakes the boy didn't attempt to wake up the man the boy considered his father she walked towards him. Had he lifted those covers the boy would enter into a fit of questions she didn't wish to answer at that moment. 
Like, why is daddy naked? Why are you both always naked together?
They had learned to be discreet early in their relationship if they wanted their relationship to survive in a home filled with six young children.
Feeling frail and thinner than even the day before, she gently took the lighter from her eldest sons hand. "Go tell your nanny to prepare you and Pax for baseball. Daddy wants to go take you both to the park."

"I don't want to go to the park. I want to go to the movies."

She shooed him out of her room, "Discuss it with him when you are both ready."

Combing out her tangled hair with her fingers she followed her son out of her master bedroom and down the corridor towards the nursery where two of her youngest children slept soundly, her twins.

If only they could stay this young and innocent forever. Children were a handful she admitted, but she loved them all dearly.
During breakfast, Zahara refused to eat her scrambled eggs despite the fact that the cook had prepared them without almost any flavor, just like she liked them. Her new dress was already stained with juice and Angelina wondered if maybe she had time to take her girls with her shopping today while Brad went out with the boys.

A tired Shiloh cried over Brad's arms, always being such a daddy's girls as he smiled at her, his eyes we're tired. But, he looked at her as if he we're proud of her and with pure love.

This was their family, and despite the insanity, she loved it all.Maybe, it was because she herself always felt a little insane. Normal never befitted her. 
Returning  his smile she watched Knox play with his food on his high chair, and Vivienne throw her toy poodle at her brother Pax's head while he gave her an irritated look.

There was no other place she'd rather be, but here with her enormous family.